1. old video about 3 months ago, 145kg front squat! PB that week by 35kg! 

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  2. Strength part of the day, 7 sets 3 reps of 75-85% of 1RM! Final set @ 130kg

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  3. Working on snatch off blocks (hip level) for speed

    75kg after about 45minutes of tekkers i get tired and start failing!  This is the outcome…

    Hips not coming through enough, shoulders not active enough and i rush it

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  4. First lift and Squat with my First atlas stone ~53kg!

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  5. This day i managed my first bar muscle up! 3 of them unbroken!

    I need to develop a lot more power and stop relying on momentum to make them efficient!

    Either way i managed them!! 

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  6. This is me performing WOD 12.5 @ Crossfit-SA1

    Thrusters and Chest to Bar Pull ups accumulative ladder! aka Fran from Hell!

    88 total reps

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